Pajama Storytime (Galvez & Gonzales)

(Preschool Program)
Date: Thursday 7/11/2019
3 Month(s) 1 Week(s) ago
Time: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Organizer: Administrator ( )


If you love hearing stories before bedtime, then put on your favorite PJ’s and join us at Ascension Parish Library for a special Halloween themed Pajama Storytime. We’ll sing spooky Halloween songs, read
not-so-scary stories, and you’ll get to make a cute and colorful bat craft to take home. We’ll even have a fun ghost hunt in the library! 

Pajama Storytime will be held on Tuesday, October 8 in Donaldsonville and Dutchtown, and on Thursday, October 10 in Gonzales and Galvez. All Pajama Storytimes begin at 6:30 p.m. This program is designed for children ages 7 and younger and their families. For more information on this program, please contact the library in Gonzales at 647-3955, in Donaldsonville at 473-8052, in Galvez at 622-3339, or in Dutchtown at 673-8699.

Started: Thursday 12/12/2013
Next: Thursday 11/14/2019
Repeat: every 1 Month(s)
Weekday(s): second Thursday